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On the south coast of Elba, between Fetovaia and Marina di Campo, there is the wonderful beach of Cavoli. Long 360 meter, it is characterized by a kind of sand rich of quarts that confers evocative transparencies and it does not stick on your skin. Nearby the beach there are receptive structures and services. It si one of the most patronized beaches of the island.



On the south-west coast there is one of the nicest beaches of the island: Fetovaia. Characterized by white and fine sand, it is 210 meters long and it is protected from the wind. Near the beach there are many hotels and a beautiful pine-wood. It is easy to reach the beach by the main road.



The beach is situated in the same gulf, in the south and between the eastern and the western coast of Elba, it is one of the biggest of the island. It is 1160 meters long and its sand is white. In the area there are many hotels, restaurants, bar and camping. The Lacona gulf is also famous for a dune area behind the beach which enriches her of charm.


Not far from Porto Azzurro and Portoferraio there is the Lido di Capoliveri, easy to reach by the main road. Characterized by gold and fine sand it is long 400 meters. Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, there are many touristic services.


It is the biggest beach of the island, long 1380 meters and its sand is white. This beach is also one of the most equipped of the island, it offers many services and comfort. It is also easy to reach.


This beach is situated in the north coast and it is 600 meters long, its sand is white and fine. Plunged in a thick forest, it is easy to reach thanks to a main road and a bus. There are many touristic structures such as hotels, residences and restaurants.



Continuing west from La Biodola there is another important beach: Procchio. It is 850 meters long and its sand is also white and fine, just like La Biodola, and there are many touristic structures. It is very near the enormous Monte Capanne and this makes its landscape very nice. The landscape has also an historical and archaelogical importance, in fact at 100 meters from the coast there are the rest of an old roman ship.



Easy to reach by the coast road that links up with the main road of Capoliveri, Naregno is characterized by a lovely landscape, from the beach you can admire Porto Azzurro and its Spanish fortezza. In summer, thanks to boats that connect the beach to Porto Azzurro, it is easy to reach Naregno even by sea. Even this beach has fine gold sand, it is also provided of touristic services such as hotels. 



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