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What to see in Porto Azzurro

Viewpoints, walks and attractions in Porto Azzurro.

Piazza Matteotti, the most beautiful square on the Island of Elba and among the most beautiful in Italy, is famous as a meeting point for romantic walks and shopping. Numerous events take place in the square during the summer and beyond, including historical, gastronomic, cultural and entertainment events.

The square and the promenade have been completely redeveloped in recent years, the two large fountains with water features and the luxurious canopies adorned with climbing plants frame the many small shops and restaurants that adorn the whole town.

In the evening, the lights of the square reflecting on the sea make it a unique place for family walks.

In the summertime, the entire waterfront area, the square and the old town centre are closed to traffic from 8 p.m. to allow the many guests to stroll in complete safety and tranquillity, eating an excellent ice cream or shopping.

The Carmignani Promenade

The Carmignani promenade is a scenic path directly on the Porto Azzurro coastline, connecting the lungomare di Porto Azzurro to the beach of Barbarossa, skirting the walls of Fort S. Giacomo, the ancient Spanish fortress from which the entire town originated, now used as a prison and therefore not open to visitors. The Carmignani Promenade is about 1 km long and is a path equipped with benches and panoramic rest areas, illuminated all night long, thanks to the mainly flat stretch it is also suitable for children or the elderly. It can be walked in about 20 minutes surrounded by the scent of the Mediterranean scrub with a panoramic view of Porto Azzurro’s seafront. To reach the Carmignani Promenade, it is possible to park the car at the Barbarossa car park and after a few metres take the path directly, or park before the entrance to the Fortress and find yourself directly in the middle of the promenade where you can decide whether to continue towards the Barbarossa beach or turn towards the Porto Azzurro seafront. On the other hand, to start the walk from the end of the seafront, there are no car parks nearby and it is necessary to leave the car in the main car parks in the town.