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  RULES AND REGULATION Important rules regulating the access of the harbour:

1. Starting from May 20th, 2010, the M/Ys flying an outside European Community flag (yachts for commercial use, commercial

   vessels and commercial yachts) that will moor in the harbours of Elba Island will not have to go through clearence formalities,

   provided that they come from an Italian harbour.

   For further information, please contact Capt. Mario
    E-mail: info@assoshipping.it
    Mobile: + 39 335 373576

2. In the access canal situated in the W part of the gulf and shown on nautical maps, vessels leaving the port must keep lo the

3. Prohibition of anchorage must be observed in the port area (W of the adjoining "Martello" Tower - The "Grotte" Point)

    anchorage is prohibited everywhere except in an area to the S.
4. Arriving from W. to avoid the shallows of "Capo Blanco" about 1 mile WNN from the lighthouse, go N of the cardinal light buoy

    positioned there





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